Is there a minimum size for custom wallpaper orders?


Is there a maximum size for custom wallpaper orders?



Is there a minimum/specific order quantity?

You can order a one or more wall murals in each order.


Can I check the status of my order? If yes, how?

You can check the status of your order by signing in to your account on our web-site.


Can I order the wall mural in any size I want?

You can customize the size of any wall mural by following these steps:

  1. Select the your preferred wall mural on our site.
  2. Go to the Custom Size option.
  3. Fill-in the required Width and Height of the wallpaper.
  4. Review the displayed area and as the dimensions are different to ours and decide which part image that you would to print and crop the image accordingly
  5. Preview the re-sized image before confirming your order.
  6. If you are happy place your order .
  7. If you want to re-size the wall mural again, you will be prompted to go back to Step 4 above.


Do I need to pay any additional charges for Custom Size wall murals?


 Can I personalize one of the images/photos/artwork that I found on your website for my wallpaper? If yes, how?


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