Beautiful landscapes are so overwhelming that we instinctively want to seize the magic we feel when we look at them. Studio Arterie's 'Naturesque' series is trying to capture this magic.These hand drawn landscapes have almost enchanting qualities, allowing the viewer to connect with the physical memory much stronger than a regular photographed picture would allow.

The Naturesque series spans almost all extremes of natural landscapes – from sheer mountains and vast panoramas to glacial seas , satellite views or colourful wildlife. These modern murals are lovingly created by meticulous attention to the detail through a range of processes including woodblock printing and white chalk drawing on blackboards.

Our artworks are printed by custom order on beautiful high-end pre-pasted wallpaper (250gsm). Our wallpaper is strong, tear-resistant and can be lightly cleaned with a soft rag. It will remain adhered to the wall surface for an indefinite period, and it will not leave any residue or require any special cleaning. No preparation is required for the wall surface other than a smooth clean painted surface.

Custom colour codes and sizes are available upon request.



from €170.00 /m2


from €400.00 /m2

Enchanted Trees

from €300.00 /m2


from €320.00 /m2


from €162.00 /m2


from €216.00 /m2


from €162.00 /m2

Mystery Forest

from €198.00 /m2


from €270.00 /m2


from €261.00 /m2

The Big Sur

from €240.00 /m2
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