Does That Make Me Crazy?

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This artwork is inspired by Gustav Klimt versus Gnars Barkley

Believing that inside every song that there is a painting and vice versa, we have come to the idea of re-discovering the songs inside the works of the Classical painters. ‘Each painting must have its own inner identity and its song. Now I could set out to discover that song. All I was doing was making myself a channel between the painting and the song. I removed my conscious self from this intermediary role and simply watched the way music and image reacted with each other.’ So the Reincarnation of Art Series was born.

Reincarnation of Art - Art Reincarnated By Music shows both the savagery and melancholy within Bouguereaus Cupid and Psyche, the inner vitality of the beautiful women of Godward and reveal the fantasies and real lives within them.  

All the classics once again have started to breathe the same air we breathe, re-born in todays consciousness. It is as if they are no longer left as cold relics of the past, but have come to life as smiling, chatting, dancing, loving spirits of humanity. We hope you will share the same sensations.

Our artworks are printed by custom order on beautiful high-end pre-pasted wallpaper (250gsm). Our wallpaper is strong, tear-resistant and can be lightly cleaned with a soft rag. It will remain adhered to the wall surface for an indefinite period, and it will not leave any residue or require any special cleaning. No preparation is required for the wall surface other than a smooth clean painted surface.

Custom colour codes and sizes are available upon request.I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.
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